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'Seven Young Goats and the Wolf’

2015-09-18 上海儿童艺术剧场,苗江路800号

Dance legend Guillem presents ‘Life in Progress’

2015-09-25 上海文化广场,复兴中路597号

World’s longest opera coming to Shanghai

2015-09-25 上海交响乐团音乐厅,复兴中路1380号

Pudong Oktoberfest 2015

2015-09-25 东方路899号上海浦东假日酒店东广场

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A chance to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's
Free tickets to the party
Where in Shanghai?
A chance to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's

iDEALShanghai is offering a chance for you to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's. As long as one person can finish the platter — no time limit — then it will be free. Come to win a free meal, just one opportunity: finish a 2kg plate of pork ribs to save 178 yuan !

Free tickets to the party

Now we offer three free tickets to the "Digital Love" partry which is returning to Arkham on this Saturday night! Each worth 50 yuan, come to try your luck! The party is fully-loaded with an arsenal of lasers. Prepare for a barrage of neon lights intertwining throughout our favourite underground labyrinth to accompany this edition’s mega lineup.

Where in Shanghai?

Think yourself as a streetwise person? Can you tell where is this in the photo?

Patsy Grimaldi’s gives pizza lovers another option

The menu includes everything to put a smile on a carnivore’s face along...

The sweet and sugary story of macarons

Chefs with Michelin stars working in town


Shanghai is a paradise for foodies, but finding a spot that serves offbeat dishes is tricky. Morganfield’s™ is a place worth checking out. Its first Shanghai outlet opened on June 2, 2015.The restaurant is famous for off-the-bone pork ribs and...

Alipay offers a whole new level of convenience

Alipay offers a whole new level of convenience...

Next wave of wearable devices

Yi Ou Lai Suzhou Takes Shopping to a Whole New Level

Jingpin Grapery in Qianwei Village

Qianwei Village is truly ecological. Dead branches and leaves are usually sent to the methane tank to be fermented together with pig manure. The methane is then used to produce electricity or mixed into soil to increase the fertility. The...

Chinese elements for Disneyland

The Walt Disney Co yesterday released details of the Shanghai Disney Resort which,...

Photographer captures city’s yoga practitioners

Yoga’s appeal stretches to China

Shanghai Book Traders (Hongqiao Airport)

Displayed in the airport bookstore is a wide selection of foreign books and magazines to the taste of various readers. Aiming at people of foreign nationalities, we selectively provide them with newspapers, magazines, photo albums about Chinese culture and arts,...

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