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It’s tough getting old

2015-06-23 上海大剧院,人民大道300号

Ensemble Signal to play masterpiece

2015-06-23 上交音乐厅,复兴中路1380号

Famous poem adapted to ballet

2015-06-23 上海大剧院,人民大道300号

‘2001’ score to be performed live

2015-07-03 上交音乐厅,复兴中路1380号

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A chance to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's
Free tickets to the party
Where in Shanghai?
A chance to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's

iDEALShanghai is offering a chance for you to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's. As long as one person can finish the platter — no time limit — then it will be free. Come to win a free meal, just one opportunity: finish a 2kg plate of pork ribs to save 178 yuan !

Free tickets to the party

Now we offer three free tickets to the "Digital Love" partry which is returning to Arkham on this Saturday night! Each worth 50 yuan, come to try your luck! The party is fully-loaded with an arsenal of lasers. Prepare for a barrage of neon lights intertwining throughout our favourite underground labyrinth to accompany this edition’s mega lineup.

Where in Shanghai?

Think yourself as a streetwise person? Can you tell where is this in the photo?

Everyone scream for ice cream

Here’s some information you may not know about one of the world’s most...

The sweet and sugary story of macarons

Chefs with Michelin stars working in town


Shanghai is a paradise for foodies, but finding a spot that serves offbeat dishes is tricky. Morganfield’s™ is a place worth checking out. Its first Shanghai outlet opened on June 2, 2015.The restaurant is famous for off-the-bone pork ribs and...

Famed antique market welcomes last visitors as destruction looms

With the final days of the Dongtai Road Antique Market now at hand,...

Alipay offers a whole new level of convenience

Next wave of wearable devices

Greenspace Ltd

Greenspace Ltd is a horticulture company that provides gardening, horticulture consulting and horticulture solutions to designers, developers and operators in China. Greenspace Ltd is a partner-in-crime for those who love the idea of owning a lush garden. It offers gardening advice,...

Big changes within hospitality industry

iDEALShanghai Awards 2015 have been handed out with 52 winners in 29 categories...

Photographer captures city’s yoga practitioners

Yoga’s appeal stretches to China

The Roof

This Japanese-style cocktail and whiskey bar opened in October in Surpass Court and has all the standard, crowd-pleasing fare you would expect. But dare the bartenders to “surprise me” and they will rise to the challenge with something creative. They...

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