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Tiny figurines come to life in magical children’s play

2015-10-30 苗江路800号上海儿童艺术剧场

Heart-warming fun at ‘Magic Ice Festival’

2015-10-30 世博大道1200号梅赛德斯奔驰文化中心

Ringing in the New Year with Opera

2015-11-06 人民大道300号上海大剧院

Angel-voiced youngsters to serenade local audiences

2015-11-18 苗江路800号上海儿童艺术剧场

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A chance to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's
Where in Shanghai?
A chance to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's

iDEALShanghai is offering a chance for you to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's. As long as one person can finish the platter — no time limit — then it will be free. Come to win a free meal, just one opportunity: finish a 2kg plate of pork ribs to save 178 yuan !

Where in Shanghai?

Think yourself as a streetwise person? Can you tell where is this in the photo?


UNDEF/NE is honored to celebrate our 1- Year Anniversary to join IdleBeats, FrenchFourch, SLURP! , WAKEUP, 1001 BAKERY and REBERG from November 28 - 29 , 2015 to celebrate the 1- year anniversary of "CONGRATS YALL !!!" At the same time, IdleBeats together with FrenchFourch will present a special exhibition serigraphs series of exhibition for one month.

Patsy Grimaldi’s gives pizza lovers another option

The menu includes everything to put a smile on a carnivore’s face along...

The sweet and sugary story of macarons

Chefs with Michelin stars working in town


Shanghai is a paradise for foodies, but finding a spot that serves offbeat dishes is tricky. Morganfield’s™ is a place worth checking out. Its first Shanghai outlet opened on June 2, 2015.The restaurant is famous for off-the-bone pork ribs and...

Alipay offers a whole new level of convenience

Alipay offers a whole new level of convenience...

Next wave of wearable devices

Yi Ou Lai Suzhou Takes Shopping to a Whole New Level

Shengyuan Plaza

Shengyuan Plaza on Liuying Road, near Gonghexin Road, in Zhabei District had a grand opening on September 28, 2012. It makes life convenient for residents in the neighboring area which long lacked commercial facilities....

Chinese elements for Disneyland

The Walt Disney Co yesterday released details of the Shanghai Disney Resort which,...

Photographer captures city’s yoga practitioners

Yoga’s appeal stretches to China

Chongming Museum

Covering an area of ??23.13 acres, Chongming Museum is one of the most important cultural attractions and patriotic education establishments located in Chongming. The museum was founded in 1327 to act as a protection unit for Shanghai-level cultural relics. Within...

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