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‘Ma Vlast’ concert at Symphony Hall

2016-02-04 复兴中路1380号上海交响乐团音乐厅

World-class conductor Myung-Whun Chung to give recital

2016-02-04 复兴中路1380号上海交响乐团音乐厅

Cosmic performance features ancient religious dancing

2016-02-10 复兴中路597号上海文化广场

St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra in Shanghai

2016-02-10 丁香路425号上海东方艺术中心

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A chance to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's
Where in Shanghai?
A chance to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's

iDEALShanghai is offering a chance for you to chow down 2kg of pork ribs at Morganfield's. As long as one person can finish the platter — no time limit — then it will be free. Come to win a free meal, just one opportunity: finish a 2kg plate of pork ribs to save 178 yuan !

Where in Shanghai?

Think yourself as a streetwise person? Can you tell where is this in the photo?


UNDEF/NE is honored to celebrate our 1- Year Anniversary to join IdleBeats, FrenchFourch, SLURP! , WAKEUP, 1001 BAKERY and REBERG from November 28 - 29 , 2015 to celebrate the 1- year anniversary of "CONGRATS YALL !!!" At the same time, IdleBeats together with FrenchFourch will present a special exhibition serigraphs series of exhibition for one month.

Hearty, meaty, Germany

When Western cuisine is mentioned, most of us immediately think about Italian pasta...

Authentic French dining options at a glances

Chefs with Michelin stars working in town


Cuisine: Vietnam, Thai, Asia Ambience: Attractive and relaxing in modern Asian style. On the fifth floor of Raffles City in People’s Square, it has a long table seating 10 people, which makes it suitable for family and friends. Couples can...

In a romantic hotel room, love truly is in the air

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the city’s hotels are offering a...

Shanghai Zhigen Xuelanghu Resort

Next wave of wearable devices


Home to innovative snapshot photography lovers, known as lomographers, in Shanghai, this narrow building hosts a platform for exchange and promotion, comprising shop, exhibition space, cafe and office. Since the visual culture from Vienna landed in China in 2003, aficionados...

Looking for event venue?

Shanghai Wozhi Cultural Communication Co Ltd provides venue leasing services. If you want...

Zaoyang, Huaxi and Tongbai roads in Putuo District

Yoga’s appeal stretches to China

Hanray Mansions

Half away along to Donghu Road, you will find another historical building called Hanray Apartments at No. 1160-1164 with ground floor shopping areas. Built in 1939, the building's recessed lobby entrance still retains its original doors. It is named after...

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