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Learn paper cuts in MEIZHI MANDARIN

Paper cuts refer to handicrafts made by cutting paper with scissors to form different patterns. With their long history, papercuts, which originated in china, have been very popular among the ordinary people of china. People pasted papercuts on walls, windows and doors at wedding ceremonies or festivals to enhance the festive atmosphere. Nowadays, more people like it, because the materials are easy to get, low cost, and convenient to make. Come to MEIZHI MANDARIN, teachers will show you paper cuts; give your friends and families a surprise. 

Number of participants:10

Charge: free 

Time: 1:30~3pm on 22nd August in Xuhui center (XUJIAHUI CENTER:Rm505 ,45  Guang Yuan Rd  W.,Xuhui District  )

             1:30~3pm on 29th August in Gubei center (HONGQIAO GUBEI CENTER:,96  Rong Hua Rd E., Changning District )

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