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Indirect Procurement China Forum

As labor costs in China continue to rise, brands are retailers are increasingly looking to diversify their suppliers base to other sourcing locations in Asia, creating ever more complex and risky supply chains.

 This event will be packed with the latest practices, cost-cutting strategies, innovative processes and ideas, and risk-mitigation approaches for your "beyond China" global sourcing efforts in Asia. Latest Speakers confirmed include: - Joe Li, Head of Global Sourcing, Masheed Trading & Transport - Martin Lockstrom, Partner, Asia Perspective - Rosemary Coates, President, Blue Silk Consulting - Mayank Agarwal, Head of Global Sourcing, Air Liquide - Michael McCool, Management Consultant, A.T. Kearney - Michael Seitz, Head of Sourcing and Procurement, KPMG - Richard Laub, CEO.

 Dragon Sourcing Topics covered: - China +1 Strategy – Where should sourcing professionals be concentrating their efforts? - Changing trends in suppliers base and the impacts of trade agreements - Potential of the newest sourcing alternatives e.g. Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Philippines, ect… - Managing new factors like FX trading & volatility, time to market, risks management - Evaluating and mitigating suppliers risk in view of recent South China Sea conflicts Who Should Attend The event will bring together CPOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, Manager and Heads of: - Procurement/Purchasing - Strategic and Global Sourcing - Supply Management - Supplier Relationship Management - Materials Management - Supply Chain Management .

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Links:  http://chain.net/events/sourcingshift#.U9sAM6LlrIU

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