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30% off Skype Health Coaching program (Aug 20th to Sep 5th only)

If you would like to achieve any of the goals that range from weight loss to stress management, from quitting smoking to learning how to cook healthily and cheaply, from inability to exercise to problems sleeping, from cravings management to energy increase, our health coaching program is for you. Simply inquiry to Chiara@laholista.com, use the discount code (healthythat’s) and the 30% discount will be applied. Chiara Squinzi, an experienced Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and founder of Puxi Run (female running group sponsored by Nike and Alce Nero organic products) has been living in Shanghai for almost 7 years and can help you achieve these goals. The program includes: two 60-minute Skype sessions per month e-mail support between sessions recipes and shopping lists that are healthy and simple coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want simple but informative handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge access to het monthly newsletter with the latest health tips and recipes her personal commitment to your health and success This discounts applies to the purchase of the complete program (12 sessions) carried out on Skype and undertaken by new clients only. Looking forward to sustain your lifestyle changes! All info at: www.laholista.com or contact me on Wechat: ChiaraHealthCoach

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