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Agora Space, international coworking and shared office
By Agora Space

<p>For 1260 RMB per month you can get the following services:</p><p>√ Unlimited internet - 100Mbit/s fiber </p><p>√ Free meeting room </p><p>√ Chinese assistant on demand </p><p>√ chairs - very comfortable. Tested for 3300 hours per year. </p><p>√ desks - no cheap IKEA table. We build custom design and flexible workstation. </p><p>√ printer </p><p>√ your own storage space </p><p>√ FREE coffee. Free and unlimited, good European coffee. LaVazza and Segafredo. </p><p>√ leisure stuff- massage chair, bean bag sofa, xbox 360 </p><p>√ private garden, a lot of grass and space to walk around. We are software engineers, designers, creatives, entrepreneurs. </p><p>Mix of foreign and local people. We talk, hang out together, brainstorm and look for mutual opportunities. Some of us work as freelancers, some have their employees.</p><p>Website:<a href="http://www.agora-space.com" _src="http://www.agora-space.com">http://www.agora-space.com</a> </p><p>Tel:021-6054 8081</p><p><br/></p>

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164