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'Bark! Hop! Swim! Repeat' - New art exhibition at island6

The island6 art collective has long been intrigued by the concept and perception of time. Their LEDs capture moments in time that themselves loop in time that are then experienced in a viewer’s own spectrum of time. Which time is actually real, and what does that even mean? Humans have become so obsessed with the construct of time that individual moments are lived just for the sake of being recounted.

 Taking the time to tweet #liveinthenow means that you’ve already missed the “now.” In contrast, Kingdom Animalia lolls around in a constant state of now. Each moment is the only moment that ever has been and ever will be. Physics, time dilation, relativity… animals don’t waste time defining time. “Bark! Hop! Swim! Repeat.” looks to our furry companions for inspiration in an exploration of consciousness, self, and the ever elusive “now.”

Venue: island6 ShGarden, 50 Moganshan Road, building #7, G/F, Shanghai

Website: http://island6.org/BarkHopSwimRepeat_info.html

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