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Kitten sisters Amy & Eli need a foster or adoptive loving home!

Names: Amy & Eli 

Gender: Both female 

Health: Vaccinated and spayed 


 Amy and Eli are two of 5 siblings who were rescued at People's Square on late April 2013 by a young French man. All 5 of them were bottle fed for more than 3 weeks given that they were separated from their mother at a very early stage, abandoned in the park, and were very tiny and weak. Luckily all of them survived the most critical period in their young lives and then, when they were stronger, the original rescuer decided to take care of the 3 male siblings meanwhile a foster parent was taking care of Amy and Eli at her home. 

Shortly after that, in a very shocking and unexpected way, the original rescuer abandoned Amy and Eli with the foster parent. The terrible news is that we do not know what happened with the 3 male kittens, and the only good news is that Amy and Eli are safe and sound in the home of another foster parent (as the previous had to go back to her home country). 

 Amy and Eli are two pretty, sweet and lovely cat sisters, and are available for fostering or adoption to a cat loving home ... hopefully together as they are sisters and best friends in the whole world! If you are seriously committed to love and care for Amy and Eli as a member of your family, please send a message to Alejandra Vasquez: alevasquez72@yahoo.com

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