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Byron Huang-Dean

 Date: From 20 to 30 September, 2014 

 Opening Reception: Saturday, September 20th, 6pm to 9pm 

 Artist talk and listening event : Tuesday, September 30th, 5pm 

 Byron Huang-Dean is an Australian artist based in Melbourne. Primarily working with sound, Byron Huang-Dean creates installation works, site-specific interventions, performances and compositions. He is interested in examining the experience of sound in contemporary urban and natural environments, using field recordings to map and reimagine places. He situates his practice between the fields of Psychogeography, Acoustic Ecology and expanded documentary practice. His works aim to immerse the listener within the everyday textures and rhythms that go unnoticed in sonic environments, fluctuating between abstraction and clearly narrative sequences of sound. Pantocrator Gallery Shanghai. China M50. Moghanshan Rd. Bld. 4B 105. 200060

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