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Wonder & Ponder Opening Night

Ping He, Hai Kang, and Mahya B. Green:


Opening Night: Thursday October 9, 2014, 6:30 to 9pm

Thursday, October 09- Friday, October 31

This past Thursday O.Gallery treated a select few guests to a night of mingling, drinking, conversation, and inspiration. Both Chinese locals and foreigners currently residing in Shanghai were in attendance for the premier of the gallery’s latest show, Wonder & Ponder. Guests were treated to complimentary wine and tapas while presented with the opportunity to meet the featured foreign artist, Mahya Green. Flashbulbs were firing all night as the guests were photographed with their favorite pieces and the artist herself. The works are astounding and distinctive, each piece carrying a different meaning to each viewer. Opening night presented the unique opportunity for viewers to interpret the work by their own means, and still find out what the piece means to Green. Green kept the energy up the whole night; she was always available for questions or comments, and her friends were a lively crowed whose pride for her shone bright through their enthusiasm. 

The gallery should be credited for creating an environment that allows artists to push their own limits so that viewers might experience art and intrigue that eludes their daily lives. Wonder & Ponder features a variety of works from the three artists. There are works with clear images, text, abstract scenes, or human figures; there are works that are quite small, while others are larger than life. The options are vast, so there is something for every viewer. One does not have to be an art connoisseur to find a meaning in each piece. When a viewer enters the space, he or she is not told what to see. The abstract images have a meaning to the artist, but the life one has lived up until the moment he or she sees the work is what will dictate what each painting means to each viewer. The art will provoke memories, spark conversations, and inspire each viewer, but never twice in the same way. 

The artist Mahya B. Green comes from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. She has been in Shanghai for three years while working on her art. Her works at the gallery dominate the wall space and can often shock the viewer. She created the paintings in a comic strip format, done to depict a fight she once overheard in her hometown. The work may have been inspired by a specific fight, but the feelings and thoughts have been a part of relationships in all viewers lives. 

Ping He and Hai Kang are Chinese artists that each contributed several canvases to the gallery. Ping’s works are pieces of nature. With twelve pieces portraying an assortment of plants, trees, or landscapes, Ping creates a backdrop that leaves the foreground to be filled in by the minds eye. Each viewer can see a scene and be transported to a similar location, but with an exclusive memory. Hai’s five pieces feature animals and humans. Why he arranges the text and images the way he does is up for the viewer to decide. 

To feel the movement each viewer experiences, visit O.Gallery or attend future openings, so that you too can enjoy the opportunity to interact with art and artists like never before. 

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