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Learn Chinese at your home, office or online with MEIZHI MANDARIN teachers

Maybe you are busy with your work or housework, but you also eager to study Chinese; MEIZHI MANDARIN will offer you study at your home or office class.

MEIZHI MANDARIN is an institution with 10-year history, professional teachers and great study environment. Courses include Chinese pinyin, fundamental Chinese, daily conversation, business Chinese, YCT, HSK, BCT, C.TEST lecture, etc.

We are appointed as HSK (IBT) official Test Center and Registration Office by Han Ban, Training organization of TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) with authentication of the Ministry of Education. We have professional teaching team. Perfect curriculum programs, original teaching methods. Hold culture-cross community activities monthly.

we offer classes in Xuhui District( Caobao Road, Changqiao, Caohejing, Fuxing zhonglu, Fenglin Road, West Huaihai Road, Hu’nan Road, Shanghai East China University of Science and Technology, Huajing, Hengshan Road, Jiaotong University, West Jianguo Road, Kangjian, Longhua, Lingyun Road, Shanghai Normal University,  Shanghai South Railway Station, Tianlin, Shanghai Gymnasium, Xujiahui, Xietu Road, South Xiangyang Road, Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai Botanical Garden), Huangpu District(People's Square、Middle Xizang Road、 Jiujiang Road、 Fuzhou Road 、West Yanan Road 、West Bejing Road、North Chengdu Road、South Huangpi Road、Jinling Road etc)

Jingan District(West Bejing Road、Caojingdu、 Jiangning Road、 Jing'an Temple、West Nanjing Road 、Shanghai TV station, Xikang Road 、Xinzha Road 、 Jade Buddha Temple)

Changning District (Beixinjing、 ChengJia Qiao、Zhongshan Park subway station、 the zoo 、Gubei、 Hongqiao Road、Jiangsu Road、Shanghai Studios、Tianshan Road、 Xian Xia、Xijiao park、Xinhua Road、Zhenning Road、Zhoujia Qiao)

Luwan District (Dapu Qiao、 Fuxing Park、 Huaihai Park、Huaihai Road、 Luban Road、 Ruijin 2Road、Expo Riverside、Wuli Qiao、Xintiandi、Zhongshan South Road) 

Minhang District (Cao Bao、 Chunshen、 Gumeiluoyang、Hanghua、 Hongmei Road、 Hong Qiao、Huacao、Jiangchuan Road、Jing'an new city、 Jinhong Qiao、 Ji Wang、 old Minhang、LongboJinhui、 Maqiao、 Meilong、 South Mall、Pujiang 、 rose Village、 Qibao、 Qixin Road、 Xinzhuang, Xinzhuang industrial Zone、Wu Jing, Zhuanqiao、Zhu Di)

If you want to get more information, please call us or send us email.

E-mail: meizhish@gmail.com

TEL:52300140  159-2166-8157

HONGQIAO GUBEI CENTER:Room508 No96 East Rong Hua Road Changning District

XUJIAHUI CENTER:Room505 No45 West Guang Yuan Road Xuhui District


Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164