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Dim Sum Revolution at THE RITZ-CARLTON, SANYA

This autumn, the resort’s award winning culinary team, led by Executive Chef Andres Jiménez who is originally from Costa Rica, Latin America, will stage a “revolution” to innovate on the long-established Chinese traditional dim sum, which consists of small bites served as a snack or main course. 

Chef Jiménez and his culinary team have creatively introduced western flavors to the beloved food, fusing the techniques and traditional look of dim sum cooking with enticing combinations of western ingredients and textures that result in extraordinary union of culinary cultures. 

In this “Dim Sum Revolution”, Chef Jiménez assembled a team with the resort’s foreign chefs and Chinese dim sum chefs who collaborated to bring dim sum to life unlike any other. Their daily hand crafted dim sum creations are inspired by the world’s most popular traditional cuisines, including French, Spanish, American, Latina American and Mexican.  


We proudly present you the following dishes at Pearl Chinese restaurant:

• Duck Confit and Black Olives Dumpling

• Salted Cod and Potato Dumpling 

• Braised Short Ribs and Pickled  Red Cabbage Steam Bun

• Garlic Shrimp and Spanish Chorizo Shanghai Style Dumpling

• Crab and Spring Onion Har Gow

• Milk Jam Crispy Cake

• Banana Egg Tart

• Papaya and Yuzu Mochi


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