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Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School supply Chinese tutor/teacher to your home or office(Part2)

Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School is an institution with 10-year history, professional teachers and great study environment. Courses include Chinese pinyin, fundamental Chinese, daily conversation, business Chinese, YCT, HSK, BCT, C.TEST lecture, etc.

Our Chinese academy are appointed as HSK (IBT) official Test Center and Registration Office by Han Ban, Training organization of TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) with authentication of the Ministry of Education. We have professional teaching team. Perfect curriculum programs, original teaching methods. Hold culture-cross community activities monthly. 

Welcome you to shanghai meizhi mandarin to study chinese.

Learning Chinese with meizhi mandarin teachers in follow area:

Jingan District

Grand Jewel Apartment / 君御豪庭  Manhattan Heights / 曼克顿豪庭(怡景园) 8 Park Avenue / 静安豪景 Villa Beau Rivage / 宁馨苑 Top Of City(Dagu Road) / 中凯(大沽路) LaDoll International City / 国际丽都城  Top Of City(Weihai Road) / 中凯(威海路) Yan'An Rd old house / 延安中路老房子  City Castle / 远中风华  Old Apt on Nanjing Rd / 南京西路老公寓 Old House on West Wuding Road / 武定西路老房子  Jing An Four Seasons / 静安四季 One Park Avenue / 静安枫景 The One Executive Suites Shanghai / 御锦轩  Kerry Center / 嘉里中心  Shanghai Grand Plaza / 四方新城  Old Apt on Xinle Rd / 新乐路老公寓 Jing An Zi Yuan / 静安紫苑  Taifu Mingdi / 泰府名邸  Tomorrow Plaza / 明天广场  Juntai Apartment / 均泰丽轩  Legend Service Apartment / 莱爵酒店公寓  River House / 怡水豪庭   The House / 御品大厦  First Block / 一街区    Jing'an View Garden / 南草坪  Old House at Fumin Rd / 富民路老房子 Jing'an Phoenix Garden / 静安凤凰苑    Yun He Garden / 云和花园   Old Apt on Huashan Rd / 华山路老公寓  Crystal Pavilion / 经典茂名  Shanghai Centre / 上海商城   Royal Pavilion / 华山公寓 Taixing Rd old house / 泰兴路新闸路  Modern Jing‘an / 达安锦园 May Fair Tower / 巨富大厦 May Fair Tower / 巨富大厦 Xinfu Kangli apartment / 新福康里 Jing'an Residence 8 / 静安8号 Chez Moi / 嘉园 Sun Apartment / 太阳公寓 Top Of City / 中凯城市之光 Old Apartment on North Suzhou Road / 北苏州路老房子 Juntai Apartment / 均泰丽轩  Old House on Changde Rd / 常德路老房子 Old House on Changde Rd / 常德路老房子 The One / 静鼎安邦 MARRIOTT / 万豪行政公寓 Villa Beau Rivage / 宁馨苑 Brookside Apartment / 枕流公寓 The Paragon / 凯得茂名公馆 Jing'an International Plaza / 静安国际广场   


New Westgate Garden / 老西门新苑  Casa Lakeville / 翠湖嘉苑  City Apartments / 城市一品苑 JinLin TianDi / 锦麟天地 Central park / 淮海晶华园 Hong Kong Plaza Service Apartments / 香港广场酒店式服务公寓 Kings Park / 杰士豪庭(长发大厦) Old Garden House / 重庆路花园洋房 Old House on Nanchang Rd / 南昌路老房子 The Bund Side / 上海滩花园 Shanghai Dynasty Garden / 淡水湾花园  Old House On Ruijin Er Rd / 瑞金二路老房子  Shama at Xintiandi / 莎玛新天地 Yongye Apartments / 永业公寓 Fraser Residence Shanghai / 上海辉盛庭公寓  The Bund of Bund / 外滩九里 Golden Bund / 金外滩花园  Old House on Shaoxing Rd / 绍兴路老房子 Huangpu Zhongxin City / 黄浦众鑫城 Sinan Mansions / 思南公馆 Mansion Artdeco / 公馆77 Old House on Xinhua Road / 新华路老房子  Wutong Garden / 梧桐花园 Old Apt on Yan Dang Rd / 雁荡路老公寓 Old House on Xingan Rd / 兴安路  Richgate / 华府天地 Baccarat Residences / 巴卡拉 Bund House / 绿城黄浦湾 Lakeville / 翠湖天地 Bo Jue Ju / 日月光伯爵居 Times Square Apartments / 时代豪庭 Sinan Garden / 思南新苑   HAIQI GARDEN / 海琪园 Old Apt on Ruijin Er Lu / 瑞金路老公寓 East Huaihai Apartment / 东淮海公寓 Jiande Rd / 建德路 The Bund House / 绿城黄浦湾 Fraser Residence Shanghai / 上海辉盛庭公寓 Joffre Garden / 霞飞花园   old apt on Sinan Rd / 思南路老房子 Tianci Service Apartments / 天赐公寓 Bundside Garden apartment / 浦江公馆 Champs Elysees / 香山丽舍 Mansion Artdeco / 公馆77  Old House at Madang Rd / 马当路老房子 Peninsula hotel / 半岛酒店

E-mail: meizhish@gmail.com

TEL:52300140  159-2166-8157

HONGQIAO GUBEI CENTER:Room508 No96 East Rong Hua Road Changning District

XUJIAHUI CENTER:Room505 No45 West Guang Yuan Road Xuhui District


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