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Chinese Learning Advertisement

Course Name:My Chinese Classroom (Elementary Level 1 to Elementary Level 3 )

Type of Instruction:Private Class

Total Lessons:180 Lessons(45min/lesson)  to Finish the Elementary Level

Starting Date:17th of November

Schedule:2lessons(1.5h) each time, 2 times per week  

19.00-20.30 pm of each Monday & Wednesday 

Course Location:28F.No.58 Jiaozhou Road, Jingan District Shanghai     Zip Code: 200040  

(Only 3 minutes walk from Jing’an Temple Metro Station, exit 2.  Please enter from the back side of  the Notary building.)

Total  Fee

                                    UNIT PRICE NUMBER TOTAL PRICE

Tuition Fee:75 RMB/LESSON 180 LESSONS 13500 RMB


Tax Fee:10%*(Tuition Fee+ Material Fee + Transportation Fee) 1372.5 RMB(no Fapiao)

Total:Tuition Fee+ Material Fee +Transportation Fee 13725 RMB(with Fapiao)

Total:Tuition Fee+ Material Fee +Transportation Fee+ Tax Fee 15097.5RMB

Paying Date:Before the first lesson 

How to pay Cash, credit card (3% for handling charge) or bank transfer 

A.Pay the whole fee in once.(3books are free)

B.Pay the 60 lessons by 3 times before the new course begins(need buy 3 books)

Comments When students finish Elementary I, students can make the introduction of themselves without any problems. The survival questions can be easily solved, such as ordering food, asking road and see a doctor, etc. The students can keep talking for almost 30 minutes, but just in short sentences. When students finish Elementary II, students can understand about 30%-40% other people’s daily talk. Their sentences are becoming to a little longer. When students finish Elementary III, it means the elementary period has been finished. At this time, students can talk totally in Chinese. They can respond and communicate with people without any problems. And they also can make the further discussion at some special points.

Contact Ailsa:021-52287809 

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164