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Bilingual Lawyers Legal Services

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Title: Bilingual Lawyers Legal Services (Legal Counsel, Court Representation, Contract Translation, etc.)


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Contact:  Jennifer Jiang

Mobile: 18930220709

Website: www.bilawyers.com

Email: Jennifer.jiang@bilawyers.com


Bilingual Lawyers (www.bilawyers.com) is a professional legal website providing a broad range of legal services and legal translation services, including but not limited to:

1)         Representation in court and arbitration institutions for various disputes;

2)         Agency for Incorporation of domestic or foreign invested companies;

3)         Drafting, negotiation and review of all kinds of contracts, agreements and other legal documents;

4)         Advising on merger and acquisition, dealing structure design, and conducting due diligence;

5)         Identification and analysis of legal risks and control solution;

6)         Advising on daily operations such as employment, trademark, tax, contract, corporate governance, sales and purchase;

7)         Advising on personal matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, property and investment;

8)         Chinese-English translation of contracts and other legal documents.

Bilingual Lawyers (originally Shanghai Bilingual Lawyers) is founded by Jennifer Jiang, a senior bilingual attorney and her team in June, 2013. With collaborative teamwork among our core attorney team, our translation team, and external partners, we are qualified to render all around legal services for both businesses and individuals.

Our core attorney team is composed of elite attorneys with a deep understanding of litigation strategy, business practices and cultural differences. Most of team members are graduates of prestigious law schools in China and/or abroad, with practicing experiences in leading law firms and/or international companies. Our translation team is composed of translators with legal sense and attorneys with language skills. In addition to our core attorney team and translation team, we have also established a deep cooperative partnership with other attorneys from our own law firms and external law firms, including some attorneys from foreign law firms.

Thanks to our effective resource integration and cost control, we are proud to, without comprising high quality, offer attractive prices, much lower than charges of international law firms where our team members once practiced. So what are you waiting for? Why not tell us your needs now?!


Bilingual Team Contact:

Mobile:   86-18930220709, 86-13818266096

Chief Attorney: Jennifer Jiang

E-mail:    info@bilawyers.com, jennifer.jiang@bilawyers.com

Address: 32F, No. 88, North Caoxi Rd., Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Lawyer's practice certificate No. 3101201211641093

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164