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The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Face Traces Exhibition


In three years The Swatch Art Peace Hotel has welcomed 139 artists-in-residence in the studios and artist quarters on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Swatch hosts the artists for 3 to 6 months, giving them a perfect environment to experiment, exchange, and express themselves. They work in total freedom, part of a group of 18 artists who come and go at different times, which multiplies the opportunities to meet many different people during their stay. When the artists leave, Swatch asks them to leave a “trace” of their work—a work of art or other memento of their time in the Hotel. Today Swatch opened its exhibition of these traces, which are presented alongside photographic portraits of each of the artists. Together, these “FACES & TRACES” open up a fascinating window on contemporary art from China and around the world. 

FACES & TRACES shows work representing an exceptional variety of disciplines and practices in the contemporary arts. Representative work from all 139 current and former artists-in-residence is on display: along with paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and videos, these artists have left traces in the form of a musical score, written texts and recorded sound as well as performances of songs, dance and theater. Exploring the Hotel today, the first visitors discovered the many different aspects of this diverse collection throughout the premises. From the main exhibition hall to the library, workshops and artist living quarters, to the exclusive 4th floor suites and 5th floor conference center, art is everywhere in this unique Hotel.

The FACES & TRACES exhibition is open to the public from November 1, 2014 through the end of January 2015. Entrance is free of charge, all visitors are welcome.


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