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Nanjing Tianshan Regalia Resort & Spa

The Legend of Tangshan Hot Springs

Once upon a time, there were ten suns in the sky, burning the surface of the earth and drying out grass and trees. One day, Hou Yi was sent by Gods to save the people. Hou Yi climbed up the "Crow Shooting Mountain" in the north of Tangshan, and shot down nine suns in a row. One of the suns felt into the heart of the Tangshan mountains, and ever since, there were hot springs everywhere in Tangshan. Tangshan, which means "spring mountain", has been famous for its hot spring for over 1500 years, and remains a world famous hot spring spot, and is in the top five of hot spring spots in China. Tangshan hot spring remains at 60-65℃ all year round, and contains over 30 kinds of minerals and elements that have therapeutic effects for skin problems, arthritis, and a variety of chronic diseases. Regalia Resort & Spa Tangshan offers a unique, private, and healthy hot spring experience.


Nanjing Tangshan Regalia Resort & Spa

Regalia Resort & Spa is built in the midst of Tangshan valley. Tangshan Mountains pride themselves with a vast reserve of bamboo trees and wild flowers. The main entrance of the resort exudes a deep sense of Southeast Asian décor coupled with a sweet essence that fills the air from the moment you enter the hotel lobby.

Nanjing Tangshan Regalia Resort & Spa offers the best travel experience combined with close to nature experience, away from the hassle and bustle of the city life. We have customized resort activities promoting a healthy lifestyle: facilities for family and friends or even for team-building. Our daily organized indoor and outdoor activities (mountain hiking, Tai Chi, fishing, gardening and digging vegetables, horse riding, painting, learning Mandarin or Chinese culture) make it the perfect destination for family vacations.

The hotel is close to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and just 30 minutes drive from Nanjing downtown. Easily reached by high-speed train from Shanghai, we provide a scheduled shuttle service from the Nanjing Train station to the resort.

The hotel offers 100 exquisitely designed rooms that include 65 standard rooms and suites, 11 villas and 24 town houses coupled with hot spring facilities in each room.

Regalia Resort & Spa, Tangshan provides total rejuvenation that distinctive guests will surely enjoy.

Address: Nanjing Tangshan Regalia Resort & Spa, 8 Quan Yun Road, Tangshan International Tourism District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China - Tel.: (86 25) 8713 1188 / Fax:(86 25) 8713 1199

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164