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Enjoy China's largest and most luxurious natural hot spring spa in Huzhou

The largest and most sophisticated natural hot spring arrived at Sheraton Huzhou on March 6 2014.

On the southern banks of Taihu Lake in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, one and half hours from Shanghai, the Spa and Hot Spring features 101 hot spring pools, including 38 private guest villas, 8 spa chalets for private treatments and 21 treatment rooms housed in the Spa complex all across the vast 20,000sqm site adjacent to the iconic Sheraton Huzhou ring-shaped main building. 


Central to Moon Spa is a large glass dome pool complex featuring 26 hot spring pools of various shapes, sizes and privacy that overlooks the Resort’s private lake. On arrival from the underground passage that connects directly to the private changing rooms, guests are greeted at the dome with the stunning vista of cascading waterfalls running over large vertical stones from the famous Tai Mountain in Shandong Province. The water flows into the Resort’s largest hot spring pool where exotic flora and fauna, stone statues from across Asia enveloped by hot steam in the air give the pool and its surroundings the feeling of a tropical jungle setting. Away from the main pool, hot spring pools on different maze-like levels are hidden in and among the winding stone pathways.

Along one pathway, a red wine spa pool with wine bottle-shaped spring pours gallons of wine into the pool enabling guests to benefit from the antioxidant properties of the wine’s grapes. Another pathway leads guests outside the main glass dome and across a wooden bridge crossing over into an outdoor hot spring area with pools of various sizes stretching as far as the eye can see above the banks of the lake. As the steam rises from the natural hot spring pools, guests can look out across the Resort and Taihu Lake while relaxing in a truly unique setting.

Dotted alongside the outdoor pools are eight free-standing private individual spa treatment chalets offering treatments and massages inspired by various cultures. In the main Moon Spa building itself, guests have access to 21 treatment rooms focusing on both body and foot massages. The various rooms, named after different flowers and trees, are in a variety of shapes and sizes with the Cedar treatment room alone housing up to 20 people for foot massages. Guests can also relax in private rooms or dine at the health food restaurant in Moon Spa.


A theme across the whole Resort is that of health and wellness, symbolized by the wide use of jade across the Resort’s buildings. Jade is seen to be an important symbol of purity in Chinese culture and Chinese people believe that these precious jewels can help promote physical health and maintain mental balance. This theme is continued with the use of spa products across Moon Spa being exclusively provided by Ba Yan Ka La and world-renowned leading Swiss spa group Valmont. Named after a mountain range on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau, Ba Yan Ka La explores the nature of China across its products including glacial mineral water and traditional Chinese medicines like Chinese mulberry (detoxifying), liquorice (balancing), goji berry (strengthening), lotus seed (nourishing) and Tibetan roseroot (anti-oxidant).

Alongside the expansive Moon Spa and Hot Spring are 38 private individual Hot Spring Villas and two Presidential Villas. Varying in size from one- to three-bedrooms, each villa has its very own outdoor hot spring pool and garden plus hot spring bathing and shower facilities. Private spa treatment rooms can also be found in the individual villas with full access to the whole Resort’s food and beverage facilities, indoor and outdoor pools, gym and private beach.

Moon Spa and Hot Spring at Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort is available for use for resort guests for free. 

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