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Cute puppy sisters need caring homes with responsible families

One of my neighbor's ayi saw a skinny homeless dog passing the gate of the company. The dog was looking for food and water, but most of the time she was banished by security guards rudely. Ayi tried to stopped it in order to give her some water and food, but she was too afraid of people to come closer.

One day ayi noticed the dog mother's belly had shrunken, and the dog mother was weaker and looked starving. It turned out that 6 puppies were hidden inside one of the warehouses in the ayi company. The dog mother seemed to know that ayi would help her, so she chose to give birth there. Ayi put food and water in the warehouse every day, but the mother dog was very alert so we couldn't catch her to do sterilization. Ayi tried to attract the puppies to enter into a cage (with food in it) when the dog mother was out.

4 puppies has been adopted by nice people already, but still two sisters remain. We call one “Teddy Bear” because she is fatty and has very soft eyes. We call the smaller one “Little Monkey” because she is very energetic and like to fight with her sister. They are currently boarding in a pet shop. They are not purebred puppy, but they don't deserve to be killed and become a dish in winter. What they need is caring families who will not abandon them and will love them as they are. Thank you for spreading the word on this case!

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