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Handicraft DIY Courses by kids at Charlie’s

Charlie’s Restaurant and Bar  invites parents to bring their kids to create a unique masterpiece by doing DIY handicrafts this Saturday. The relaxing atmosphere and colorful surroundings make for an enjoyable outing. Charlie’s welcome all kids aged 3 and over to join this fun event in this warm summer . Kids will be taught how to draw doodles on eggshells and how to help make brunch for the family. What’s more, families will also be invited to do puzzles games togther after happy meal in a big glass house inside the restaurant while enjoy the sunshine.

Average Price: 599 yuan for one family

Time: 11am-1pm

Add:  178, Xinhua Road, near Fanyu Road





Add: 178 Xinhua Rd, near Panyu Rd

Tel: 6222 2273

仅有6席家庭“春天有意思”套餐 RMB599/家庭 4/11周六11am-1pm

欢迎3岁以上小朋友参与 敬请预约有效

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164