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Healthy food and drinks

Believe it or not, health is the word for future. For this time ever, we’re hosting a breakfast event, focusing on healthy food and drinks entrepreneurship in China.

The entrepreneur’s movement has accelerated growth in many industries, while good quality events centering on healthy food have been few, not to mention those who are still trying to bridge the industrial problems and develop healthy and safe food in China.

Several topics listed below will be our main subjects needed to be discussed:

(1)Who are the main players in China?

(2)How do they operate?

(3)What is their business model?

What’s more, the founders of healthy food and drinks companies will introduce themselves and participate in our panel discussion. Join us at 8:00am, Wednesday, May 27 in Sprout Lifestyle located at 388 South Shaanxi Rd, Shanghai.

Participation fee: RMB 80 per person

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