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Fairmont Yangcheng Lake

In ancient times, Chinese ancestors arranged their crops according to the ecliptic cycle of the sun and the different seasons throughout the year. Yue Feng Island, an organic farm located at Fairmont Yangcheng Lake, is focused on promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle and providing tasty crops to its guests. Utilizing traditional farming methods, crop rotation and fertile soil, Yue  Feng Island’s organic farm provides healthy green crops directly from the farm to your table. Welcome to taste the difference. 

The price of the set menu is 150 yuan + 15%service charge/person and the reserved people should be no less than 3. It is availble till 31 December, 2015.

Fairmont Yangcheng Lake

Add: 3668 Ma'anshan Rd W., Kunshan

Tel: 0512-5780 0888


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