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Love Kaohsiung

Get to know K.P.P.

Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Penghu (K.P.P.) are located in the southwest region of Taiwan. The local residents are famous for their hospitality, which can warm you up like a ray of sunshine.


Kaohsiung City: An Enthusiastic Capital of the Sea

Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan and enjoys prosperous port trading. It abounds in natural and cultural resources. There is plenty of fun for you as you enjoy your vacation in this maritime city, and even mountains nearby.


Pingtung County: Aglamorous place in the South

Pingtung is the southernmost area on the island of Taiwan with the hottest spots, such as Dapeng Bay, HengchunPeninsula and Kenting National Park. Here in Pingtung, you can not only take in the bay, the beach and the grasslands, but also participate in various exciting water activities.


Penghu County: One of the most beautiful bays in the world

The Penghu archipelago is situated in the Taiwan Strait. Its islands boast a unique columnar basalt landscape, as well as romantic shell beaches. In 2014, Penghu became a member of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World, a worldwide social club supported by UNESCO.


Traffic Information

Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT)

The Red Line and the Orange Line are available. The hours are 06:00 ~ 23:00, and the fare varies,depending onthe destination.

You can rent a bike with your Taiwan Pass, iPass or credit card. The rental price varies with the rental time.

Kaohsiung City Bus - You can take buses with coins or Taiwan Pass (iPass). The fare is 12 NTD per road section.


Travel in Kaohsiung


Tour 1   One-Day River & Harbor Trip

Embraced by the romance of Love River and the Port of Kaohsiung, imagine you are sitting on a Venetian-style Gondola boat, watching the glistening surface of the river, as if you are in a water city of the East. Kaohsiung invite you to experience its romance and charm.


One K.P.P. Taiwan Pass (including KMRT fare for one day) + Single ride on a Love River Gondola boat


Tour 2   One-Day Peace & Blessing Trip

The Buddha Memorial Center, a must-visit spot for tourists, has the world’s largest seated bronze Buddha sculpture. Besides the grandeur of its Main Memorial Center, the Buddha Memorial Center boasts the majestic architectural layouts of “The Eight Front pagodas, The Rear Giant Buddha, The South Holy Mountain, and The North Earthgod Garden Hermitage.”


One K.P.P. Taiwan Pass (including KMRT fare for one day) + Round-trip tickets on shuttle bus to the Buddha Memorial Center


Tour 3  One-Day E-Da World Shopping Trip


From the outlet mall in E-Da Shopping Center to the three theme parks in E-Da Theme Park, you will never get bored at any moment from day to night.


One K.P.P. Taiwan Pass (includingNT$ 100 value of iPass) + Ticket of E-Da Theme Park+Ticket of E-Da Theme Park Ferris Wheel


Tour 4  Two-Day Kenting Trip (Minimum 4 people)


The famous Eluanbi Lighthouse overlooks the well-known shell sand beaches in Kenting. If you feel like experiencing the marvel of nature, you don’t want to miss the oddly-shaped rocks in Jialeshuei. What’s more, don’t miss the must-visit Nanwan (South Bay) in summertime, as well as Longpan Park,where you can behold the breath-taking Milky Way. Kenting always guarantees a fun time in both water and land activities.


One K.P.P. Taiwan Pass + Fare of tourist taxi or tourist bus + Insurance+ Ticket to Kenting Sheding Park + Accomodation for one night

Tour 5  Two-Day Southern Island Romance Trip (Dapeng Bay +Kenting)

Behold the splendid Cross-Sea Bridge, and enjoy racing in Asia’s largest PIK karting park in Dapeng Bay. In Kenting, you will stand in awe of the “Thread of Sky” caused by the rift of coral reef in Sheding Park. Come feel the excitement of Southem Taiwan!


One K.P.P. Taiwan Pass + Tourist taxi or tourist bus Fare + Insurance+ Ticket to Kenting Sheding Park + Accommodation for one night


Tour 6  Three-Day Penghu Trip (Two People)

Penghu is an archipelago of 90 islands, and Magong is located at the center, with great convenience in terms of food, accommodation and transportation. Acclaimed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Taiwan, the Double-Heart of Stacked Stones is the perfect spot for watching the sunrise at Cimeiyu. At dawn, you can hold hands with your lover, and watch the sun rising slowly above the surface the sea. The moment will be kept forever.

Two K.P.P. Taiwan Pass + Round-trip plane tickets for two people + Accommodation for two nights (including round-trip airport transfers and breakfast) + 90 c.c. scooter for three days (one scooter for two people) + Travel insurance for two people


Tour 7  Travel to Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung boasts not only the popular Liouhe Night Market and Pier-2 Art Center, but also the Kaohsiung Main Public Library. Which was recently voted as the new popular scenic spot in Kaohsiung City by netizens. In addition, you can also take a ride on the first Circular Light Rail Line in Taiwan to travel around the Asia New Bay Area.With all this convenience, you can thoroughly enjoy the great food and views in Kaohsiung.


One K.P.P. Taiwan Pass (including the fare of KMRT and Kaohsiung City Bus for two days), Round-trip tickets for Gushan-Cijin Ferry, Tickets for solar-powered Love Boat)


Note1. The “K.P.P. Taiwan Pass” is not only an iPass, but also a smart e-travel card. It combines card and cloud business platforms, allowing you to enjoy various services at favorable prices, including transportation, travel arrangements and purchasing goods. Choose your favorite tours and products on the Internet, complete your online payment, and get your card and bring it to the shops to receive your products and services. You can then enjoy your journey to Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and the Penghu Islands!


2. Until December 31, 2015, for passengers using K.P.P. Taiwan Pass, the value stored in the card will only be deducted when they ride the bus for the first and second times on the same day; the third and following fares will all be free (excluding express bus, Cultural Tour Bus, Sightseeing Bus, and medical bus routes, as well as distance-based fare bus routes. This offer will not be applicable to those using a K.P.P. Taiwan Pass card with a negative balance.)


3. A new K.P.P. Taiwan Pass card has a value of NT$48 (for two-day fare of the Kaohsiung City Bus). If you need to use the card for other means of transportation or transactions, please add extra value.



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For discounts and more information, please visitGOJET Website.



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