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Massive cast glass shows scenery at Shanghai Tower

A 132-meter-long molded art glass in the shape of a scroll of bamboo strips, the earliest form of books in China, was unveiled in the ground lobby of Shanghai Tower in Lujiazui, Pudong, on September 10. It was created by Shi Senbin and his team.

The unveiling of this art piece was a highlight of the Shanghai Interior Design Fair and was witnessed by officials from the China Light Industry Council, the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, the China Council of Interior Design Industry, the China Association of Furniture Manufacturers.

The glass scroll shows changing landscapes as people walk around it and give them unusual experiences no matter where they are from.

Shi Senbin and his company Shanghai Kangyuan Art Glass Co Ltd have created glass decorations for the British Museum, Harbin Music Hall, and other cultural institutions. Their other artworks are also on display at Shanghai Tower.



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