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Taihu hairy crabs have arrived

Taihu hairy crabs have arrived. ”said by the principle of Suzhou Taihu  Tourism Group on the promotion conference of Taihu hairy crabs in Shanghai last month.The Launching Ceremony of taste tour for Taihu hairy crab was also successfully held in Dongshan tourist center on October 11. The activity was led by the local administrations and hosted by Suzhou TaihuTourism Group. Experts selected the King and Princess of the Taihu hairy crabsby the crabs’ shape and weight.

The traditional way to cook hairy crab is to steam, which brings out the original taste of sweetness and flavor from the roe. Eat it with vinegar or soy sauce, along with ginger tea. Apart from the steamed hairy crab, Chinese traditional chefs of“Taihu restaurant” also prepared other hairy crab dishes on the next crabs’ feast after the ceremony. Then participants from Shanghai visited the breeding base and experienced the life of the fishermen.

Also tourists who choose to come to the Taihu Lake in early autumn absolutely cannot miss the authentic lake cuisine here. Every year when the Taihu Lake is opened for fishing long-waiting fisherman take their large nets an throw them into the lake an collect not only the hairy crabs but also the other delicious gifts of nature. This is like a date at an appointed time that closely affects the hearts of people around the Taihu Lake.

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