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Wowprime boss to share expertise in catering

    People are the most important assets for companies. Wowprime, which bills itself as the West Point in the catering industry, will drive that message home by holding a talk show in Shanghai on December 4 with host Wu Bofan posing questions to Calvin Zhao, the president of Wowprime.


    The food and beverage empire has something in common with the West Point. It advocates responsibility, leadership, execution and study. Some business owners are vague about hiring standards but Wowprime can tell immediately if a job candidate is up to their standards.

    "Every enterprise has its DNA. At Wowprime, every employee has their own characteristics. For sure, they are smart but definitely not cunning. They are confident but not arrogant. What’s more, they are passionate about their work and very friendly to others,” Zhao said.

    He said Wowprime treats employees like family. The management combines rigor with tolerance and knows what is best for employees. After about 20 years in business, Wowprime has become an international brand with more than 300 franchise restaurants and cafes in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Chinese mainland.


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