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Oral-B launchs new product

Oral-B, the world-renowned dental care brand has launched its new gum-protecting toothpaste in cooperation with leading Chinese and American dentists. It took Oral-B nine years to develop the new product.


Dr. Gary Armitage and Dr. Chris Salierno, experienced periodontist and dentist, came to Shanghai early this month to join their Chinese colleagues Prof. Huang Yuanliang and Dr. Huang Lu at the product launch. The four doctors shared their knowledge about dental care with the audience.


Oral-B is a brand of oral hygiene established by an American periodontist. It produces a range of products from toothbrushes, to toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss.

 “America families, especially well-off families, pay much attention to their oral health. They developed good habits when they were young. The Chinese usually go to the dental hospital when their teeth began to hurt,” said Dr. Zhang Ke, director of professional and scientific relations at P&G.

 “Americans treat their teeth as carefully as their skin. Healthy teeth are seen as a business card and an indicator of their economic and social status. Oral care should start from childhood,” said Chris Salierno, former president of American Student Dental Association.


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