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Seeing Taihu Lake from air


A helicopter tour over the Taihu Lake sounds like an tempting idea for people who look for fun during the long Spring Festival holiday. Passengers can enjoy bird’s-eye view of the expansive lake and the city and farms along its bank.


The helicopter tour is provided by Suzhou Taihu Tourism Development Co Ltd and Ruo’er General Aviation Group. Three helicopters are serving tourists there and nine more will join them soon. A 10-minute lake tour costs 550 yuan per person.


People can also choose 20-minute tour over the lake and its eastern mountain, or a 30-minute tour that covers the lake and both the eastern and western mountains for a price of 3,666 yuan and 5,288 yuan respectively.


Now, it is time to book flights on February 11-13 but all flights are subject to weather conditions. Call 400-8811-202 to book seats and to check information.



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