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Jinling Hotel ushers in new era with "Jinling Elite Member Alliance"

On March 11, 2016, Jinling Hotel Management Co., Ltd. ("Jinling Hotel" for short) and Shanghai Wang Bao He Company ("Wang Bao He" for short) jointly announced their strategic partnership on the "Jinling Elite Member Alliance". Both party will carry out in-depth cooperation in member sharing, mutual recognition of member interest and standard points, brand promotion, crossover cooperation and innovative service to privde comprehensive and continuous online and offline service for Elite Members of Jinling Hotel.

On the signing ceremony, President Chen Xueming of Jinling Hotel briefed the guests and reporters on the status quo and development strategy of Jinling Elite Program. This strategic partnership was a "substantive leap" and a milestone for the Jinling Elite Program, said President Chen. The cooperation with Wang Bao He expands the presence of "Jinling Elite Member Alliance" in Shanghai and opened up the critical Shanghai market that enjoys huge regional advantage. It even presents convenient and diverse quality destination selctions for the 2 million Jinling Elite Members. Jinling will continue its investment and increase the number of elite members so as to drive resource sharing and complementary advantage. Jinling is seeking brand new travel modes through multi-industrial cooperations.

Chairman Zhang Jifu of Wang Bao He said that its two sister hotels - Grand Central Hotel Shanghai and Central Hotel Shanghai - would create a warm home for about the 2 million Jinling Elite Members with its advantageous location, unique design, high-end commerce positioning and sincere service. The partnership between Wang Bao He and Jinling Hotel, on one hand, offers great opportunity for Jinling Elite Members to know the history and highlights of Wang Bao He brand, especially its crab culture, while members of Wang Bao He can have access to featured products and favorable terms of hotels managed by Jinling Hotel. On the other hand, the hotels will be pushed to optimize their service, thus enhancing their competitiveness and brand awareness.

The strategic partnership betwen Jinling Hotel and Wang Bao He has launched the new era of "Jinling Elite Member Alliance" and both parties will interact and communicate with each other intensively to offer better products and experience. Meanwhile, Jinling Hotel will further stretch its presence across the country, and provide even more convenience travel choices for elite members!


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