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The painting art of cappuccino


Costa Coffee feels like an art gallery this month when its baristas make drawings on creamy cappuccino. More than a dozen of their masterpieces are put on display, each framed by a ring of golden brown coffee oil. These delicate coffee drawings are creative and tantalizing.


A cup of good-quality cappuccino is a perfect combination of Italian espresso and creamy foam. Drawing a flower or a nice pattern on the foam will turn the coffee into a delicious art.

Coffee cookie cappuccino
The cappuccino is made rich and robust with chocolate cookies.

Caramel cappuccino
The flavor of caramel and vanilla makes caramel cappuccino hard to resist.


New delicacies

Mango Cheesecake

For the afternoon tea break, Costa’s mango cheesecake can bring you good mood.

Grilled Cheese Chicken Sandwich

Crispy sesame bread stuffed with grilled chicken and cheddar cheese can give you all the energy for the whole afternoon.


Secrets of Costa cappuccino

Perfect blend: Every cup of Costa espresso is perfectly brewed with a golden layer of hazelnut caramel cream on top of the coffee.

The one-third rule: A cup of Costa cappuccino contains one-third Italian espresso, one-third hot milk and one-third foam to give you the perfect taste.

Golden ring:  When milk and foam are poured into Italian espresso, the white foam will soon have a golden ring of coffee oil around the cup. This is the signature of Costa cappuccino.

Coffee art: The foam in a cup of cappuccino is a canvas big enough for Costa baristas to create a piece of art.

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