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Purcotton opens new branch at The River Mall

Purcotton, a high-end brand aiming to provide top quality consumer products made with 100% natural cotton, opens its eighth store in Shanghai at The River Mall where the former Expo Axi located. Covering an area of 585 square meters, the new store becomes its largest branch in Shanghai by far.


As the largest shopping center in Shanghai, the four-story River Mall integrates retailing, catering, entertainment, leisure, culture, and exhibition, making itself another new business landmark in Pudong. The coming of Purcotton will inject new vitality to the one- stop shopping district and lead a new fashion of lifestyle products consumption. 


Taking its name from the word "pure" and the word "cotton", PurCotton aims to provide top quality, healthy, skin friendly,  and ecofriendly consumer products made with 100% natural cotton. Boasting 25 years industry leading professional medical supply manufacturing facilities and expertise, PurCotton utilize patented technology as a core production method to successfully become China's only consumer brand with an on-going medical supply production. The idea was to use medical supply production technology to create safe consumer goods, combining with the healthy benefits of natural cotton in creating products for those who strive for higher quality, safety, comfort, and eco friendliness.


As of now, PurCotton's three core products PurCotton Tissues, Nice Queen sanitary pad and Nice Baby cotton diaper utilize the patented PurCotton Spunlace Non-woven technology and has receiving warm regards from a wide range of customers. Using high-quality 100% cotton gauze and fabric, PurCotton's 2016 Spring&Summer collections are extremely comfortable to wear. The materials of are soft, light, breathable, safe and suitable for long-term wear.



Aimed to expand throughout first tier cities and provincial capitals, PurCotton successfully opened about 85 directly owned Lifestyle Stores in the central districts' shopping malls in cities including ShenZhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Wuhan, and Tianjin as of 2014. On the net, PurCotton.com and PurCotton's Tmall (Taobao) stores are fulfilling demands from substantial online shoppers. Nice Princess, Nice Baby, and PurCotton Tissues, beginning from 2012, have also entered KA channels including supermarkets such as Vanguard , JUSCO , Carrefour. Towards business and governmental entities, PurCotton has a special team that caters to their demands.


PurCotton advocates harmony with top quality natural, healthy products over irritation and allergic reactions from synesthetic products and additives. From a single cotton flower to each PurCotton product, chemical alteration and artificial additives are minimized to preserve the natural advantages and benefits of cotton, all to bring you the ultimate health and best user experience. The PurCotton way keeps the sky clearer, the grass greener, the air and the water cleaner - it is a lifestyle of choosing natural products over what's not so we can regain the natural, pure, healthy life in a friendlier environment and a sustainable ecology.

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