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Award-winning chef siganature dishes and wine pairings at T’ang court

Executive Chef Justin Tan’s new menu at T’ang Court is divided into Appetisers, Barbecued meats, a daily rotation of Seasonal soups, Live seafoood, Bird’s nest, abalone and sea cucumber, Premium meats, seafood and poultry dishes, and Rice and noodles. Two daily eight-course Business Lunch Set Menus and a choice of four eight-course Dinner Set Menus, plus a Vegetarian Set Menu are also offered.

Enhancing the dining experience is a fine selection of more than 160 new and old world wines including Champagnes and dessert wines; Chinese and Japanese spirits; local and international beers; and premium Chinese teas. Resident sommelier Nathan Zhu has carefully selected each wine to complement the menu, with a focus on medium-bodied, fruity wines, such as Loire Valley, Burgundy and Rioja, which highlight the freshness of Cantonese cuisine without overpowering the delicate flavours.  

Stir-fried fresh red lobster with spring onions, red onions and shallots

A T’ang Court Hong Kong signature created by Master Chef Kwong, this dish has been honoured ‘Gold with Distinction’ in the ‘Best of the Best Culinary Awards’. Chef Tan selects a premium Australian lobster and delicately extracts the meat. He then flash fries the firm but tender lobster meat in hot oil and seasons it with aromatic Hua Tiao Chiew, soy sauce, sesame oil and white pepper. The complementary flavours of spring onions, red onions and shallots add taste, fragrance and nutrition to this high-end and authentic Cantonese specialty.

Sliced grouper with fish maw, preserved vegetables and tomatoes in fish soup

Another award-winning signature dish of T’ang Court Hong Kong created by Master Chef Kwong and honoured ‘Gold with Distinction’ in the ‘Best of the Best Culinary Awards’. This dish requires meticulous preparation and the finest ingredients. Premium live Daiga grouper is filleted and the fish bones are slow boiled. Fresh tomatoes and top-quality preserved vegetables are layered at the base of a claypot, then the partly cooked grouper fillets are placed on top and covered with the fresh fish stock. The pot is then returned to the heat and carefully cooked until the fish is perfectly tender and flavourful, and the soup is fragrant and creamy.

T’ang Court appetiser

The T’ang Court appetiser is an artful introduction to the fine gastronomic experience. An elegant trio of bite-sized chef creations includes Roasted suckling pig layered with barbecued black-hair pork, crispy bean curd, cucumber and sweet sauce, providing the perfect balance of textures and flavours. Marinated green beans and black fungus in premium Shanxi aged rice vinegar and Glazed kumquat stuffed with sweet-sour pork complete this innovative appetiser sampler.
Double-boiled fish maw soup with sea whelk

Seasonal double-boiled soups are a cherished part of Cantonese cuisine, renowned for their health-giving properties and purity of taste. Large sea whelk freshly imported from America is prepared with a whole piece of fish maw, lean pork and spring water, then double-boiled for at least six hours. The cooking temperature is very important and needs to be adjusted throughout the six-hour process so as to extract maximum flavour without overcooking the prized ingredients. The technical and mental challenges of such a dish distinguish master Cantonese chefs.

Almond tofu pudding with mango sauce and Baked preserved yolk pastry

Chef Tan’s fine pastry skills are evident in the classic dessert, Baked preserved yolk pastry. Requiring the finest organic egg yolks, the pastry is carefully crafted and baked for 40 minutes, requiring different temperatures throughout the cooking process to achieve a delicate flaky exterior and rich, flowing yolk centre. For an added stylish touch, the pastry is crafted in the shape of a swan sitting on a bed of edible lemongrass fronds. The dessert is accompanied by homemade Almond tofu pudding topped with fresh mango sauce. The exquisite combination of the cool, smooth pudding and the hot, flowing pastry will delight the senses.

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