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eco&more opens their garden concept store in K11

To satisfy everyone’s dire need for a greener lifestyle, eco&more opened their first “garden” in K11 on April 5. The brand new experience store is designed to help customers escape from modern city living, while showcasing eco&more’s extensive range of products.

“Now more than ever, people need a healthy,green environment, where they can take a break from pollution and the garbage that surrounds us,” says JeniSaeyang, founder and brand development manager of eco&more. “The K11 store is designed to give people that place;a place to relax and breathe.”

K11 art mall has long been  the leader for distinctive, innovative brands, and eco&more strives to take advantage of this to provide a place for guests to discover products, explore essential oils and learn something new about green living.

[quote from K11, something like: “We are pleased to welcome eco&more to our family of retailers,” says xxxxx. “They are a perfect fit for the approachable-yet-luxury environment we provide our guests, and their store is a truly wonderous thing to see. We join their customers in their eager anticipation of the eco&more opening.”  

Take a Selfie on a Swing
This is truly no ordinary store.:

-    A swingsurrounded by a virtual “flowering garden”– the perfect place for selfies.
-    A Polaroid printer, so guests can print theirpictures on the spot.
-    An aromatherapueticaudio-visual center, where guests can experience the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean, rain, forest and  gardens of provence,– and just for fun, candy.  

“We want the store to be about more than just buying products,” says Saeyang. “We want this to be an full multisensory interaction, to help everyone escape the city and learn about living green and breathing fresh.

At eco&more we believe that knowledge is power, so with the help the latest in interactive digital technology we have incorporated a wechat learning center where guests can request product information from the company wechat by sending quick and easy messages like “lavender” or “shampoo”. They’ll then learn all about the healing properties of essential oils, or the secrets behind eco&more’s products.

The eco&more team is so committed to spreading awareness about living a green lifestyle that they’ve also hired a certified aromatherapist and homeopathic  expert to teach a carefully designed assortmentof classes . Our classes range from information about skin and hair care,how to combat allergies, to creating your own all-natural nail polish.For more information about our classes please visit www.eco-more.com

K11 Art Mall Address:
B/2, 300 HuaihaiZhong Lu,
nearHuangpi Nan Lu, B-230AYou can scan theQR code to log in the wechat shop to buy!   


eco&more website:www.eco-more.com
Tmall Store:ecomore.tmall.com


Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164