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Pacific Coffee offers new 'Chillinos' for hot summer days

As summer is coming, Pacific Coffee released two flavors of Yogurt Chillino with lychee or peach flavors for those who love fruity aromas.

Lychee yogurt Chillino 

Sweet and juicy lychee flavors are added to this yogurt-based Chillino to make a cool refreshment. The lychee perfectly melts into the yogurt, providing a great combination of flavors.

pacific coffee1.jpg

Peach yogurt Chillino 

The blend of peach and yogurt tastes sweet and sour, a perfect drink for relaxed summer days with your family or friends.

Date: Through June 28 

Price: 33 yuan/tall, 36 yuan/grande,  39 yuan/alto


Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164