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Pret A Manger opens outlet at Jing An Kerry Centre

Pret A Manger opened its second shop in Shanghai on May 17 at Level B1 of Jing An Kerry Centre. The shop serves sandwiches, salads, wraps, baguette, tea, coffee and a large selection of juices and cold drinks.


The new shop has 80 seats and free Wi-Fi service to let customers take a break, have some food or beverage after shopping or catch up with friends at this comfortable venue.

Pret keeps renewing its menu to satisfy customers’ desire for new food and healthy diet. It sold more than 5 million avocados through its UK outlets last year. The menu for its Shanghai stores include Pret’s Avocado and Tomato Hot Sandwich and Avocado Wrap, featuring freshly sliced avocado with yoghurt, cucumber and tomato cubes, and shaved Italian cheese.

Sarah Lee, managing director of Pret A Manger Asia, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled for opening our second shop in Shanghai this month. Our first shop opened at the K11 Shopping Centre in 2014  has been a fantastic learning experience for us. We loved getting to know our customers and hearing what they say about our menu.”

"Our new Kerry Centre shop will use the same menu for our customers and serve some of our favourite products from Pret shops around the world, including French croissants, Scottish salmon, and Pret’s famous Brownie Bar from London,” she said.

"Pret A Manger is a French word. It’s like your mother saying ‘come to the table.’ We have a kitchen to make fresh food every day. Pret A Manger is about serving people fast. We try to make the service time as short as possible. So customers can spend more time enjoy the food,” Chrisopher MacEwan, Pret’s International Head of Coffee, told Shanghai Daily.

"I have been working for Pret A Manger for five and a half years. I chose the company because of its corporate values. The company treats farmers and customers with respect,” he added.


To celebrate its 30th anniversary this year, Pret is introducing its much-loved menu to more than 400 outlets in the UK, USA, France, Hong Kong, China and Dubai.

Pret opened its first shop in London in 1986 to sell sandwiches, salads and wraps all hand-made in the shop, using fresh natural ingredients and free of preservatives. Its food doesn’t have a “sell-by” date.


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