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Sinan Open-air Museum opens to public

On December 30, the opening ceremony of Sinan Open-air Museum and New year lighting took place at the LED square of Sinan Mansions.

共鸣亭亮灯 灯光秀 2.jpg

Sinan Open-air Museum doesn’t have walls or fences. Here, old trees, lanes and villa houses become exhibits. The first batch of 20 exhibits have QR codes and viewers can scan the QR code to listen to the introduction. And viewers are welcome to touch the exhibits.


The museum opened to public at 5:35pm. Guests on site joined in a treasure hunt game to find 20 QR codes of the exhibits. Winners will be able to get a variety of awards.


In 2016, Sinan Mansions held a series of events to build a cultural landmark image. It is gaining more and more acknowledge.


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