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Celebrate Valentine with Sinan Mansions

On February 14, Sinan Mansions held a special Valentine-themed event at the LED square. Artists and musicians were invited to sing and dance to convey love.


There was also a phoenix-like lighting setup placed at the middle of the LED square, paying tribute to the loyalty of love.

Apart from the performance, lovers were also encouraged to walk around in the Sinan Mansions area where boasts French romance and numerous celebrity love stories.


The recommended route would start from merry-go-rounds, and enjoy the European lingerie exhibition, and then make a wish at the LED square before having a French dinner at AJM.
Opened last year, Sinan Open-air Museum doesn’t have walls or fences. Here , old tress, lanes and villa houses become exhibits. Viewers are welcome to touch the exhibits. Recently, Sinan Mansions are holding a series of events to build a cultural landmark image.


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