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Gear up for 2017 PDM Cycling Race

On April 6, 2017 PDM Cycling Series press conference, sponsored by Shanghai Lingyan Cultural Development, was held at Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. 

With the theme of “Passion, Dream, More,” the series race has promoted sports exercising to all the people, improving the development of sports industry and enhanced the enthusiasm for cycling among the citizens. The conference announced the whole-year events of PDM and cooperation with the local governments.


PDM Cycling Races will feature 20 groups of cyclists in each of the events held in PDM Liyang Stage, PDM Chongming Women’s Road World Cup, PDM Nantong Stage, PDM Weinan Stage, PDM Zhejiang Stage, and PDM Final Stage.

The press conference also attracted lots of cycling professionals around China including Shanghai General Administration of Sports,Shanghai Sports Federation,Shanghai Chongming Sports Administration,Jiangsu Liyang General Administration of Sports,Shanxi Weinan Government,and Jiangsu Nantong Sports Administration. 


PDM's partners are KPLUS,Lingyan Industry,Magic Cube,Evergrande Spring and so on.

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