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Enjoying Tour Study program and getting free VISA X

MandarinGarden is the biggest Chinese school in Shanghai with 9 years history, there're more than 6000 expats studing in our school with 200 certificated quality teachers. Mandarin Garden is Officail Student Visa provider and Official HSK On-line test Center. Different courses meeting your need! welcome to join in our Shanghai-Lijiang Chinese culture experience tour study! MandarinGarden organizes tour study program to Shanghai+ Yun nan Lijiang + Shangri-la and offer u free six months to one year visaX. We can also provide internships in China where students combine best business practice, Chinese language learning and tourist activities. We also offer private Chinese tutoring and online Chinese lessons. Characteristic: Mandarin Garden will bring you to experience Chinese culture in Shanghai, Yunan Kunming, Lijiang, Shangrila, and look for the peaceful land and heavy in our heart with you, and share Tai Chi and Chinese medicine with you. Advantages of impression of China study abroad and travel program: 1. Chinese course and travel program are very interesting and wonderful. Mandarin Garden Impression of China study abroad and travel program is not only a Chinese training program, Mandarin Garden will bring you to experience real Chinese profound culture. 2. After the reinforce Chinese course study for 6 months or 12 months in Mandarin Garden, Mandarin Garden guarantee our students will pass HSK official exams, and will also get chance to apply for Chinese famous universities. 3. Mandarin Garden will offer you 6 months or one year students visa for you who are oversea students, business people or travel hobbyists wants to study and develop in China. If you interested, welcome to experience such wonderful spot with us!!

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