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The sensational new cocktail club striking Shanghai’s night scene

Calling all cocktail enthusiasts, artist, mavericks and friends, we are pleased to introduce the latest sensation to hit Shanghai’s sparkling night scene: DEUS Cocktail Club.


The venue brings Shanghai’s ever exacting clientele an experience that is a whole new species of entertainment, offering a unique portal into the universes of craft cocktails and live music.

Located at Found 158 on Julu Road, DEUS stands out from neighboring watering holes with quality, hand-crafted cocktails that employ fresh, homemade syrups and other raw ingredients. The resident music director Arjen Frank brings his formidable track record in music entertainment across Asia to assemble a team of resident and guest DJs known for their addictive, original tracks and curated vinyl collections.

Design and decor


DEUS Cocktail Club celebrates the spirit of entertainment not excess, taking inspiration from great clubs and cocktail havens around the world. The brushed bronze “DEUS” sign is illuminated against striking white light, overlooking the terrace area, arranged in a contemporary and modular design. Once inside, gaze upon the imposing black marble infinity bar, backed by a range of rare and fine spirits curated by mixologist mastermind Aaron Feder. Lounge alongside plush blue velvet or head up to the scarlet-lined VIP area for more privacy. To finish off, DJs show off their hand at spinning vinyl tracks on a raised stage that dominates over the entire club. The interior design at DEUS design is vibrant and artistic, contrasting and bold.

Seeking to redefine the image of clubbing, the cocktail club offers a setting that combines the best aspects from both dance clubs and cocktail bars without such undesirable elements as crowded spaces, pricey bottles or quite, sleepy lounges.

Authentic flavors


The menu features quality, handcrafted signature and classic cocktails, wines and spirits. The wizard behind beverage program is Aaron Feder, coming to DEUS from beloved institutions as Candor, Heyday, El Ocho and OUNCE Taipei. Cocktails are the highlight of the beverage program and the golden rule of the house is “quality, freshness and attention to detail in every drink”. Spirits are sourced directly from Shanghai’s primary distributors to guarantee to the greatest extent the authenticity and integrity of the products. Raspberry, blackberry, passion fruit, lime, cucumber and other syrups are prepared daily from fresh fruits and produce. DEUS also puts together in-house simple sugars, ginger ale and pineapple juice too, to complete the selection of homemade ingredients going into each concoction.

Vinyl music


Great music comes in to enhance the vibe of cocktails coming off the bar. Music is the second of DEUS’ two attractions and in the hands of Arjen Frank, guests enjoy an array of great performances by some of Asia’s top DJs. Traditional music, jazz, soul and funk are mixed with contemporary styles like electro, pop, lounge and house. Guest and resident DJs play weekly at DEUS who practices a vinyl only policy. With this talented team of creative minds curating the acoustic lineup, the ambiance reflects the very forefront of the music scene.

DEUS’ vision is to build a bridge between dance clubs and cocktail havens in Shanghai and to give revelers an innovative destination where they can have an exciting and memorable night out.

Founding team


The founding team behind DEUS work hard to make an impressionable footprint onto Shanghai’s thriving night scene. Yuni, Nick, Laurent and Arjen have distinctive track records in finance, media, food & beverage and entertainment.

Yuni He, a graduate of Berkeley, Sciences-Po and HEC Paris hails from California and Paris, where she has amassed experiences in banking and later hospitality. She is now living in Shanghai, where she continues to expand into the hospitality industry. Yuni serves as President of DEUS Cocktail Club.

Laurent Meffre, a Shanghai veteran, hails from Lyon, France. Known for his experience in food & beverage, Laurent is associated with ventures including Craft and La Boulangerie. This whiskey-loving Frenchman is Managing Partner focused on partnerships and operations, upholding the whole team to his exacting standards.

Nick Dodet, also born and raised in Lyon, spent two decades in the film and media industry in Los Angeles before moving to Shanghai where he leads his businesses in production and media. Nick brings his experience and heavy-hitting expertise to DEUS Cocktail Club as the Managing Partner of strategy and marketing.

Arjen Frank closes out the founding team. From Holland, he has been part of the musical circuit in Asia for the better part of the past decade. Arjen, aka DJ Perseau, is renowned for his musical and artistic expertise and is the Managing Partner responsible for art and musical direction.

For more information, please follow DeusShanghai on Wechat and other media channels: Facebook (Deus Shanghai) and Instagram (Deus_cocktails_sh)


Opening hours
Tuesday-Sunday: 17:00 – late

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164