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Seoul Leaguer launches its 2nd aesthetic jaw surgery recruitment

On September 23, Seoul Leaguer Medical Beauty Hospital launched its second aesthetic jaw surgery recruitment. The activity will last one month. More than 150 people from 21 provinces in China came to join the launching ceremony.


As its second year, the recruitment of surgery has attracted more than 400 pieces of registration message from over 21 provinces in China. At last, 150 candidates will join the interview and test.

Heung Sik Park, a professional medical beauty doctor from South Korea, gave a speech on the aesthetical approach to jaw surgery during the ceremony. He has been in this area for 15 years and get awards of best jaw surgery from IBD.

Heung introduces cases to the guests. For angry looking, the surgery will focus on mouth protrusion, long face and strenuous mouth closure by ASO, Mandible, Chin and Acculift. There will be post-surgical orthodontic treatment. 

For long face looking, the surgery will focus on long face and flat profile by Two-Jaw, Mandible, Chin, Cheek Lift and Acculift. 

At last, there are five candidates won the ticket of the surgery. 

Seoul Leaguer, covering an area of 6,600 square meters, has 10 surgery centers, 3D-CT system and professional doctors who all have more than 20 surgery experiences. 

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