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Stay with us and explore French art of living

On September 22, French hotel brand Campanile announced the grand opening of its Shanghai Natural History Museum Hotel. Brought to the Chinese market by Shanghai Jinjiang International Hotels Development Co., Ltd., it is the second Campanile hotel in China. From the Bund to the Suzhou Creek, Campanile extends the creed of its brand signature – “STAY WITH US” – to all the hotel’s facilities and services. It aims to provide a comfortable French-style experience for more business travelers, holiday-makers and families, inviting guests to experience the French art of living.

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Unlike the first Campanile Hotel in China which is located in the flourish and busy Bund area, the newly-opened Campanile Shanghai Natural History Museum Hotel is on the banks of the winding Suzhou Creek. It enjoys stunning riverside scenery to the north and traditional Shanghainese alleyways to the south, while also staying true to the unique French flair of its brand. The location is a lovely peaceful oasis within a bustling, noisy neighborhood. Here, guests can experience the unique local culture of Shanghai and indulge the comfort of the hotel with distinctive French-style rooms.

Campanile brand came across Europe to China, expecting to lead a new way of life in its advocacy of French lifestyle. The signing ceremony with franchisees from Beijing and Xi’an represents the strong interest in Campanile in other parts of China. The completion of ribbon cutting ceremony and signing ceremony signify Campanile get rooted in Shanghai and will develop from the east coast as the starting point and penetrate to the west. At the French-style open house party, guests discovered the brand essence of Campanile and understood the unique qualities of the Hotel. Through several carefully-designed interactive activities and games, party guests were immersed in the passion and joy of Campanile.

French and Chinese music is fine example of the perfect fusion of the two cultures. Improvised illustrations displayed distinctive French flair. Guests were pampered with free flow of authentic French and Chinese cuisine. Visits of the cozy, French-style rooms is indeed impressive. Campanile even brought Pétanque- the French national sport- to the guests so that they can further understand the relaxing and easy French lifestyle that goes together with the brand.

"We’re so glad to witness the opening of the Campanile Shanghai Natural History Museum Hotel together with our distinguished guests,” said Joël GUIRAUD, CEO of Shanghai Jin Jiang Louvre Asia Hotel Management Co., Ltd., “We hope Campanile can offer Chinese guests a new hotel concept, one which stays true to the ‘people-oriented’ mission of Campanile. As our utmost important market, China will witness many more Campanile hotels. We’d like to convey the joyful brand spirit, caring services and enriching experience to our Chinese guests.”

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The hotel’s lobby is a mixed space of dining, wining, networking and playing. The hotel will hold a variety of activities during French festivals for Chinese guests to immerse themselves in a truly authentic French atmosphere. James BENDALI, Vice President Franchise Services Asia for Campanile Brand of Shanghai Jin Jiang Louvre Asia Hotel Management Co., Ltd., said, “From our choice of environmentally-friendly materials, to our unique social space, Campanile is not just a place to stay; it is a place where people can experience outstanding comfort and hospitality with their friends and families.” Jenny Zhang, General Manager of the Campanile Shanghai Natural History Museum Hotel, added “At our second Campanile hotel, guests can experience exquisite French-style hospitality alongside a vibrant neighborhood culture.”

At the heels of the Campanile Shanghai Natural History Museum Hotel, there will open more hotels in cities such as Suzhou, Nanjing and Huzhou. Each “open house” opening event will offer fun and engaging activities that blend the unique local culture and French flavor. The Campanile brand epitomizes a unique, comfortable and pleasant hotel experience full of “French style”, bringing satisfaction and surprises to many more guests in China’s fast-growing hotel market.

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