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The Lalu Qingdao springs with love

During winter time, everything cools down. But hot spring which is reached by tapping subterranean sources more than 1,500 meters underground bubbles up in The Lalu Qingdao. As we know, hot springs are waters heated by geothermal energy. The foremost benefits of hot springs bathing are that they warm the body and impart physical and mental relaxation. Bathing in waters just the right temperature activates the body’s various systems and is said to stimulate circulation and speed up the metabolism.


The hot spring area is set up along the seashore which add appeal to the bathing experience. Several alfa-hided outside ponds are dotted along the seashore. What a secret garden! The scenery reflecting the passing of the seasons : cherry blossoms in spring, the vibrant green of new leaves in summer, colorful autumn foliage, snowscapes in winter—is all the more enjoyable when viewed from a warm, relaxing bath.



Considering of the privacy, there are few separate hot springs resorts. It is only open for you and your beloved ones. Either come with your family or with your friends. Indulge into the hot springs while chatting together.


After thoroughly warm up and relax your body, it is time to get some nutrition. The Waraku Japanese Restaurant or Soalian Chinese Restaurant -   has prepared the delicious and delicate dishes.   



During this winter, The Lalu Qingdao offers a big promotional package for hot spring. The package for separate hot spring resort is 3,000 yuan for 6 times (1 hour per time). Or normal SPA is 2980 yuan for 10 times SPA + buffet of 11-Encounters buffet restaurant . Please contact 8316-6666 ext to SPA for more details.

Address 277 Jiulong Shan Lu (15 mins off the tunnel)




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