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Transforming shoes set to hit the ground running in China

It goes without saying that Italy has always been and always will be the pillar of the fashion industry. Undoubtedly, shoes are the foundation of a person’s style.


"A shoe tells everything about a person. A man or a woman is defined by what they are wearing.”

At least that’s what ACBC’s founder, Edoardo Iannuzzi, and CEO Gio Giacobbe, told me throughout my exclusive interview with them, which was a warm afternoon in the sun filled with champagne and laughter.

Moved by their cheerful personalities during our conversation, it wasn’t hard to realize they are both big time travelers — maybe this is the very reason they have created and been successfully managing arguably the world’s most innovative shoe brand, ACBC.


My first impression of ACBC was that they are shoe “transformers”, literally. Gio was taking apart and reassembling a pair of shoes right before my eyes. The skin and soles can be easily mixed and matched to fit any occasion. You attach the skin to the sole, zip them together and then start your journey. It’s as simple as that.

"Every ACBC shoe is created by the user — you need to choose the skin, choose the sole and zip them together. It’s up to the user to choose the right combination to satisfy his needs in terms of style and functionality. For example, you need to be stylish, wear a smart upper, but want to feel super comfy? You can create a hybrid between sporty and elegant, get a black leather Duilio skin and zip it with a white running sole,” Edoardo said.

To be specific, they are really light “transformers.” I couldn’t help but be amazed when I was holding them.

"I’m a big-time traveler and I love being super light when I am on the move. Backpacks are my favorite [thing to] carry — compact and perfect to pass as cabin luggage, but also to explore the streets of a busy city. This means I need to carry only what’s strictly necessary. But I also care about my style and to choose just one pair of shoes for an entire trip is a real challenge — this necessity is the origin of ACBC design. To be super light and compact without giving up style and the possibility of bringing different types of shoes to match my different outfits,” said Edoardo.


These shoes also have a smaller carbon footprint. Shared values and recycling are the basics of ACBC’s carbon footprint reduction. Consumers need to know that the production of a shoe’s sole is what leaves the biggest carbon footprint within a shoe’s lifecycle, the pair said. ACBC shoes can drastically reduce your carbon footprint with two simple steps. “First you can create all the shoes you need with just one pair of soles. Second, when the sole is worn out you can recycle your skins with a new sole,” Edoardo explained.

"If Nike is sports, ACBC is travel — there are no other shoes for travel like ours,” Gio added.

"Once you try, you will never go back. Once you put them on, you won’t want to take them off, and even if want to take them off, you just change the skin. That’s it!”

The pair are confident that their shoes will make a big impact here in China. “The Chinese will learn very fast how to use them and how nice and good it is using this product. I am sure the success will be very fast,” Gio said with a confident smile.


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