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Vainglory 5V5 Chinese Press Conference held successfully

On 19th Dec, the day after Vainglory’s 5V5 global unveiling, Giant hold a grand press conference for it. Co-founder & CTO Tommy Krul, GM of Global publishing Taewon Yun from SEMC, Chinese mainstream game medias and CN elite players were invited to stay up on the latest trends and experience 5V5.


Key link——Taewon Yun’s searing speech

The conference theme is ‘Storm fall Dragon rise’ ,which means the rise of the map and the extension of the background stories, It also heralds a new version 3.0 is upcoming. We keep on making uninterrupted breakthroughs for better quality and experience.

Taewon Yun, GM of Global publishing gave a speech about the just-ended Vainglory World Championship. Taewon Yun introduced the development of Vainglory in past 3 years, how to be world-renowned from the unknown test version. He also shows the international awards of Vainglory.

When referring about 2017 Vainglory World Championship, Taewon Yun was so excited to talking about the 12 well-known teams from all over the world, they represent the highest level of Vainglory e-sports. Vainglory World Championship got fully support by the famous brands Coca Cola and Razer.

Taewon Yun unveiled SEMC’S  vision for Vainglory- Pushing the boundaries of mobile platform. SEMC will focus on 5V5 mode in future and towards Vainglory to core 5V5 MOBA , they find that MOBA on mobile should be compared with MOBA on PC instead of simplifying, which responding the slogan of SEMC-NEVER SETTLE FOR THE LESSER EVIL! After the speech, Taewon Yun was interviewed by media.


5V5 Match Early access of 5V5

Elite players on site had the opportunity to experience the new game mode-5V5 .Two 5V5 matches were organized by the Giant Network officials and invited the famous live-stream anchor Xingchen to commentary. Every elite player is the first to experience 5V5. 

Finally, the conference successfully ended in the players' match. Vainglory 5V5 is coming soon, looking forwa


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