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Purple is the new black

There is a famous Mexican restaurant that boasts delicious food, elegant decor, and creativity. It won a huge following right after opening Shanghai’s second  location. Do you know what it is? Yes, it’s the very popular Taco Bell!

After the opening of its first branch in Shanghai’s Lujiazui area, another new location was opened in the premium shopping mall at Wujiaochang, close to some of Shanghai’s top universities. It held an opening party themed “Purple is The New Black”, which saw college students, wonderful performances, and interactive games. The party ended on a high.


All you could eat, innovation at its best

Taco Bell held a VIP party at its new Wujiaochang branch recently. College students from nearby campuses were invited to celebrate the opening in style. At the party, gourmet food was on unlimited offer. Zi Dong, who is in charge of product development, was there to introduce all the food that guests were munching down on.

Apart from the classical Crunchy Taco Supreme, Taco Bell offers the brand-new Ribeye Steak and Mushroom Crunchy Taco, unique Mexican-style XL wings, Shrimp Crunchy Taco, Sesame Chicken Crunchy Taco, and Taco Bell China’s unique Freeze Collection including Pinky Jin, Green Magarita, Mojito, Tequila Sunrise, and Cosmopolitan.  

Food, games, and gifts

Apart from relishing the gourmet food, Taco Bell also prepared popular interactive games for the VIPs in which they needed to imitate dancers on the screen. The machine gave a score to participants according to their talents, or lack thereof! All the participants were very energetic to say the least. Taco Bell encouraged everyone to join in and show people what they’re made of. Gifts were even prepared for the brave participants who got up on stage.

Great campus voice brings endless joy

In addition to the food and games, Taco Bell invited Hu Die, the champion of the MMC singing competition, Ge Haotian, champion of “Campus Great Voice in the East China”, and Zhen Lixuan, aka “walking emojis”. They helped bring the party to a high.


New store, new mode, where East meets West

Ever since its launch in Shanghai last year, Taco Bell has become a landmark of the Lujiazui food scene. Inspired by the energetic and youthful vibe in the area, Taco Bell’s locally based design team has sought to combine its California roots with Chinese style and culture.

The Wujiachang restaurant will feature one-of-a-kind artworks that encompass the spirit of “Live Más” by combining the old with new, unique shapes, and vibrant colors.

The new branch will be equipped with a new service standard – food will be delivered direct to the table. After ordering, customers don’t need to wait and pick up their food by themselves, because their order will be delivered to the table so customers can spend more time with their friends and loved ones.

Brand new “ Live Más”  wall waits for you

The shared tables in the restaurant not only provide an oppurtunity for students and white-collar workers to relish the tastes of Mexico, but also encourage them to hang out, communicate, or study.

What’s more, Taco Bell has gone one step further to offer a platform to inspire customers and their passion for the arts, music and other interests.

Customers will be invited to display their artworks, poetry, designs, and other creative expressions on “Live Más” walls, allowing them to express their individuality to other restaurant visitors.

The restaurant will also provide a creative outlet for the community by hosting events to showcase local talent.


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