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Siya Cuisine

Adhering to tradition, there is no end.

Hunger breeds discontentment, delicacy without borders.

Eat, show the human civilization and the broad and profound ideas.

Eat, has always been an important part of Chinese culture.

Everything can be eaten.


1.    The essence of the East and the West

Siya Cuisine -- from Sanliyin group, aims to create a "food culture" platform, to eat with friends, spread the charm of ancient oriental delicacy. The group is mainly focused on high-end catering, while involved in real estate, wedding and other industries. Also they have restaurants in golden landmarks of Lujiazui financial center, classic restaurant, Pujiang land and other high-end clubs.
Taking "Shanghai style culture" as the center, covers 7 big international central cities, such as London, Tokyo, Paris, Sydney and so on. Shanghai culture has both of the classic and elegant of Jiangnan culture, also the modern and fashionable of Shanghai make it an international metropolis.
Siya Cuisine, on the basis of Chinese cuisine, shows China's world's cutting-edge exquisite cooking skills.
In line with the concept of "Chinese food prosperity plan", starting from the Bund, based on Shanghai, out of China to the world to share with the world diners the taste of China

2.A taste on the tongue

China, because of its vast territory and abundant resources brought rich ingredients, vast extraordinary cuisine features.
Chinese food has become a "delicious food on the tip of the tongue", which represents the essence of a country's culture and inherits the culinary innovation of Chinese civilization.

3. Feast from the East

Siya Cuisine is a delicious feast from the East. The color, aroma, taste and shape all explain the connotation of Oriental cooking culture, and the Westerners can appreciate the unique Oriental flavor. Harmony but sameness, harmony and impurity.

Siya Cuisine is a place with Oriental French style restaurant, located on pujiang traditional and modern style Hotel Indigo on the Bund, it was the former site of  the legendary of Shanghai Tu’s fruit shop . Now they invited the Japanese famous design company "SUPER POTATO" DEDECATES, entered the restaurant, is not to have a style of Shikumen bricks decoration corridor, followed by a transparent open kitchen, all the details can see the bright bright kitchen stove in the kitchen. Modern fashion design sense, Pujiang has the charming scenery, the new Chinese style simple and yet gorgeous, western style and modern and retro nostalgia. Well, the delicious invincible landscape, become an independent school. Here you can wind a graceful method of Cantonese restaurant menu, highlight the intention of "tradition, boundless", all kinds of exquisite creative dishes with your a delicacy.

Shanghai has always been no shortage of Guangdong cuisine, and the Siya Cuisine is the main method of our Guangdong style. On the basis of paying attention to the Cantonese cuisine of "quality and flavor, striving to clean and fresh", the characteristics of fresh and fancy variety of French meal and the combination of color, fragrance and shape are studied.

Siya Cuisine begins our amazing from the cold dish, dinner is in the tradition of innovation and on the unique combination of aroma,
Delicious. Once more in the Michelin restaurant work of French cooks for you to create a classic French dessert.

All this thanks to the East Division banquet has a group of chef, strong cooking force and innovative R & D capabilities. Chef was appointed in Hongkong Li Yuan, Shanghai crystal picking Pavillion and other well-known restaurants. He strictly controlled the dishes, the elegance of Guangdong, the fresh way, complement each other, while traveling around the country, looking for delicious inspiration in the multi national cuisine.

Here, the craftsman spirit of every dish is our spiritual pursuit;
Here, we use magnificent vessels to carry the reverence for good food;
Here, your full of praise is our new service expectations;
Here is your heart and the feeling to attain recover the original simplicity;

Siya Cuisine, with a wall, a table, a chair, a piece of cake, chopsticks, creating a blend of traditional and contemporary culture of the east corner of shanghai.

Here, with dishes to impress people, to highlight the atmosphere with culture, you just need to savor, this is enough.

Siya Cuisine, great hidden in the city
Siya Cuisine, work in the heart of the craftsman
Siya Cuisine, first choice of your private banquet.

Adhering to tradition, there is no environmental
Address: 3 building, Hotel Indigo, two road, 585 Shandong, Shanghai, the Bund, Huangpu District
Tel: 63357838, 63357839

Introduction of company executive chef:
Mr. Lai Ronghui
-Native Guangdong
He been engaged in the catering industry since 15 years old
-Culinary arts college in Beijing, guest professor of top Cantonese cuisine
-Gold medal of Hongkong Food Expo
-Gold medal of Lanzhou culinary arts competition

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164