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Amazing Chinese language training here is

As a non-Chinese language learner, you maybe feel confused about the accent between ”二” and “两”, when can we read it “er” and when can we read it “liang”?Now we can provide you a more flexible and effective class to learn Chinese language. No matter how busy you are, or if you are a traveler , our private class means one teacher teaches one student , so you can have your privately schedule to learn Chinese language. The free time, free places lets you in a comfortable zone to learn and to make more friends.


Course Features

1. The most effective way to learn Chinese language

2. Tailor-make learning plan

3. Flexible course schedule

4. Flexible course locations

5. Only focus on your needs

6. Learning pace and content are both in accordance to your requests

7. 55 minutes per lesson including 10 minutes break


Transportation Fee For lessons outside of school, a transportation fee will be added.An additional 10 RMB per lesson will be added when lessons are gave outside of regular working time.If you intend to register for a Chinese language course, or have any other questions about Chinese language, just reach us.

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164