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How to learn Chinese truly

How to learn Chinese in fast way? I trust a lot of expat students have refered diverse means, and tried to do it, but eventually have not any harvest. Before this, we need to think about what is the truth, it through phenomenon which goes out from the practice and application to observe out its regular, that is the source of truth, the same as how to learn Chinese, let one great student from Mandaringarden to impart a little part

How to learn Chinese reading is considered Abstract thinking or putting a sound to a picture which is identical to reading music. The research of the issue in how to learn Chinese has been done by psychologists show that abstract thinking is the hardest thing for us to do. If you take it away everything goes very fast.

1. Step one is to learn to speak mandarin or a few phrases without learning to read.

2. After the phrases have been mastered by ear go back and try to read the phrases.

3. Recite the phrase even if only one character triggers the whole phrase.

It is the same principle used to teach little children to play difficult concertos on an instrument . As long as they don’t read, they can learn anything quickly include to how to learn Chinese. If you put the two together, the whole process takes twice as long as separating the two different skills.

To apply this concept one can use a few sentences at a time then go back and try to read the sentences or one can study for a few months and then return at how to learn Chinese reading.

I personally have put this concept on how to learn Chinese. I find it easy to memorize any word or character I already know. If I have never heard the word, It is very difficult for me to memorize the character. All of above is one of my recipes of how to learn Chinese successfully

Try it and you will see how easy it is to memorize all those beautiful drawing!

So if you also wanna get a good result on how to learn Chinese, just to join Mandaringarden.

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