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Learn Chinese don't be without Characters training

Learn Chinese do not forget Characters writing, as the title, we through a few phenomena could perceive out that expat prefer to learn Chinese language such as: oral learning, gramma, listening etc. But they always ignore to learn Chinese characters, and used to consider that characters could be known by reading program, no need to focus a class to learn Chinese Characters. But the truth is contrary, To know Chinese characters would resist you learn Chinese better. Let one of Mandaringarden’s excellent student show you the principle:

Learning Chinese in writing Characters is an Art. Developing the hand eye coordination is the most difficult. At first I would make the top of the Character too large and the bottom to small just like a kid trying to draw for the first time. Then after exercising for months on how to draw a teacher gave me Miao Hong. It is paper with little lines in red to write the characters. Artists use this concept when they are enlarging a drawing. The Chinese use this concept right in the beginning to learn Chinese writing. It’s too much easier than trying to learn Chinese writing by free hand.

Once the drawing is more or less in process the problem becomes in memorizing the Characters. I found that the concept was similar to writing a secret message to a friend in the first row of a class when I was sitting in the back. There is a logic but the logic often changes and goes in another directions. Once you can be flexible enough to understand that it goes quite quickly. Most people can memorize approximately 30 a day. As you progress many characters are combinations of what you have learned before.

Now you know what you learn Chinese Characters can bring. It is a fun accomplishment to draw the beautiful little pictures that are also a means of communication.

Whenever you decide to learn Chinese with systematic ways, we're always been here.

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