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Passing HSK Test we give u guarantee

Base on different levels of students who want to apply HSK Exam.

You could have a private Chinese HSK Professional teacher.

Formerly, there were 11 possible ranks (1-11) and 3 test formats

(Basic, Elementary/Intermediate, and Advanced). taking the Basic test could attain a rank of 1 through 3, or fail to meet requirements and thus not receive a rank.

Now New HSK test is 6 levels, for details, you can contact us.

Brief info about Mandaringarden:

Mandaringarden is the biggest Chinese school in Shanghai with 10 years history, and is the only Official HSK On-line test Center in Shanghai. New HSK exam is network test, Mandaringarden is Chinese official HSK website to hold a specified exam test centers, and free simulation and analysis of test and examination that we can help student pass the exam.

Advantage of Mandaringarden New HSK network test training

- The only school in Shanghai that offers an HSK Certificate

- Official HSK On-line Test Center, rewarded by Han Ban, in Jan of 2012

- Based on rich experience (more than 10 years) in teaching and HSK coaching, we guarantee a 100% of good results to our students.

- Accurate analysis of essentials of test

- Free simulation of test to increases student confidence

- We made a commitment to return the training fees after your second failure

- Mandaringarden, is a New HSK Test center, approved by Chinese hanban, to provide complete training teaching system and prefect test registration service for the examinees.

- Mandaringarden provides

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164